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 I guess I finally got sick enough of looking at Moby (my last post) so it's time to show what I've been up to.  

Olivera Street
Now that I have your attention.

Isn't the beach just so totally awesome?!

American Apparel

MOCA at Geffen Contemporary

Olivera Street
 Kitty Cam

...having a Moby moment ?

For some reason I went to a panel discussion sponsored by Palm Springs Modernism Week at the Ace Hotel with Frances Anderton and Moby.  And the reason turned out to be Frances Anderton.  She scares me a bit (which probably keeps me listening to her DnA, Design & Architecture show on KCRW.)  She gave me a headmaster glance after this first image of Moby was taken, and I quickly took my seat.  
But it turns out she is just such a lovely person.  She brings an intelligent and fun voice to Architecture.

The discussion hinged on the room offering credibility to what Anderton says is the world of architecture having a "Moby moment".

He lives in a Lautner guest house in back of a neo-Norman Castle overlooking Lake Hollywood.  
And of course there's his LA architecture blog appropriately called
And his father was a photographer for the New York Times, so you can see how his background might have evolved from childhood. 

But, Moby, all Williamsburg beard farmers with cameras aren't douchebags.  Just the ones that take shitty pictures.

Coachella Weekend One - Saturday Evening

If the day was about Azelia, the night was certainly Radiohead's chance to show us they weren't yet another group to revisit Coachella and make the crowd wonder if they should have just stuck with their 2004 performance.  Don't get me wrong, I can count the times I've seen them on my hands and toes, but I wondered where they would advance to.  

Lest I worry, they were slick and polished with a wall of recycled plastic bottles-cum-lightwall.  And square levitating screens broadcasting various details of the performance to those standing back at the entrance to the Polo Grounds.  "look they're moving around"  As I stood in the Pit I couldn't help wonder if Thom minds the fact that he has become synonymous with twitching and salivating.

 1. Bloom
 2. 15 Steps
 3. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
 4. Morning Mr. Magpie
 5. Staircase
 6. The Gloaming
 7. Pyramid Song
 8. The Daily Mail
 9. Myxomatosis
10. Karma Police
11. Identikit
12. Lotus Flower
13. There There
14. Bodysnatchers
15. Idioteque

16. Lucky
17. Reckoner
18. Everything In It's Right Place / After The Gold Rush intro

Encore 2
19. Give Up the Ghost
20. Paranoid Android

Coachella Weekend One - Saturday

Saturday, the much lauded and certainly celebrated sun made an appearance.  And with the change in skies came an upbeat day of lively and unforgettable performances.
Azelia Banks gave one of the weekend's great high energy shows. (I can guarantee she won't be at 2:50 next year! And I read that she has new management as of Saturday. She tweeted "no more ghetto mixes. . . I have a budget now!"  She has signed with Lady Gaga's manager.  You go girl.)
Jacques lu cont, St. Vincent, The Shins, and SBTRKT all made my cut.  I should have had a beer instead of watching The Shins though.  And if they hadn't been at the same time, of course, Miike Snow would have been represented, but. . .

Azelia Banks
at Gobi Tent
work it out Azelia!

Jacques lu cont
at Sahara Tent

St Vincent
at Gobi Tent

The Shins
at Coachella Stage

at Gobi Tent

Next, Radiohead. . .

Coachella Weekend One - Friday

So Weekend One of The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival has come to a close.
And thank god because I need the rest.  I have two friends half my age who dropped out on the 
third day, as I'm sure quite a few non-Tupac/Dr.Dre/Snoop Dog/Calvin Harris/Rihanna fans did too.

Friday was a pretty brisk day.  Slim crowds and drizzle.  If I had to hear one more
bloke saying "this shit's nothin' compared to Glastonbury mate", I'm going to turn off my hearing aid!

at Gobi Stage 
(that's pronounced ee-em-ay, kids!)

I'm here photographing for the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and it was pretty clear that the laid back 
Editors in the very least wanted photos of GIRLS and Azelia Banks.
The crowd loved GIRLS and I was a little stumped.  But more on Azelia Banks and her
kick ass performance in my next post.
If you want to see the outtakes before the April 25, 2012 paper is out, you can check

at Outdoor Stage

The Heineken Tent was about where I started to have a good time.

DJ in the Tent

at Mojave Tent

at Gobi 

The rain continued throughout the evening so the Grips had their hands full protecting all the lights and equipment. 

This one's for Marke.

This guy was full of campy energy.  Like an overly-animated flamboyant John Cusack, he worked the stage and certainly felt comfortable in his own body. 

at Coachella Stage

The lighting for Mazzy Star was so bad I'm posting the set list from under the keyboard.  Sorry Hope Sandoval fans.

This was one of those great moments when you just know you're experiencing something special.  

at Gobi Stage

more day one to come. . .


So the Holidays are mostly over now.  Santa was good to us this year.
The deep fried Thanksgiving turkey was a bit better than the deep fried Christmas turkey for sure.  
The dogs had a good time tearing up the yard and just generally getting into mischief.  Not just Oliver and Ada, but Josefina too.

Old Friends in the Desert

So it's been awhile but the chill in the air got me thinking about late summer air and night swimming.
My old pals Will Schwartz and Johnny Ray came down for a brief respite from their chaotic 
lives and I thought it was a good time to post these.  
Will is the tres talented frontman of the highly charged pop band Imperial Teen. 
Their fifth album "Feel The Sound" is due out in January. 
AND his new venture is Psychic Friend.  You go Will!
And of course Johnny Ray hosts an ear opening radioshow on KUSF in Exile.
If you think KCRW is eclectic, you haven't heard anything yet.
Check him out with Nathan Berlinguette on Silver Machine Radio!!!

See you guys soon.


Day Two:

“It’s after Eight Eric.”
“What Time are we leaving?”
“Quarter to nine.”


The Yard


The workspace:

Kara's Wedding (errr, Kara and Ryan's Wedding)

Kara's wedding was an absolute blast!  
Kudos Kara, you really know how to throw a party.
From the 4 minute ceremony, to the six hour party that followed!
Sorry guys, no pictures of the Betsy Johnson swimsuit - she's a married lady.
And let me just ask you this, who parks a taco truck 
poolside after an already amazing 
Kara does!  

the look

the end. . .
or the beginning

Xavier's XXX Birthday

That's his thirtieth for those of you who don't know your Roman numerals.  A good time was had by most. And that's mostly what I'm showing here, the good times.  The rest is better left for foggy memories and floor drains for that matter.

The Pool House is a great place for a desert party.

Five PM was a pretty good time to arrive to an afternoon party in Palm Springs, I've discovered.  By then everyone's already gotten their drink on and are ready to play for the camera.   And any later, I'd have a bunch of images of sleeping bitches.

calling all honey badgers 
honey badgers to the pool please. . .

my new muse. thanks Jesse

Here's where I say Happy Birthday Xavier!

DJ Yanis

 museworthy, n'est-ce pas?

What the heck, one more!

Greetings from Michigan


So my lovely sister, Debbie, reminds me that I have air-conditioning and 110 degree heat is no excuse for focusing on these images for all to see.  I have been working on them, but more for myself than for sharing with the family.  So here you go Debbie.  Good luck with that dial up seeing these! 

More "workspace" images.  This one's going to be a great project and is quite varied already.

!!! This one above is one of my favorites. (several images edited into one.)

As Rebecca notes: some abstracts.

 Here you go mom.

This one's a money-maker!


 Another money-maker.

 For dad.

 In memory of someone I did not know, Tomas Rodriquez.

 love love love

5150 or so. . .

bird on a wire? all my ducks in a row?
1957 Scrabble  .  hot

it's about time. . .

. . . just minutes til you're twe nt y   f    i   v      e
six months til christmas

mornings are great in the mountains


this one and that one too.

Happy Birthday Junior
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Ahhh.  rural.