Some time in the LBC with Craig and Xavier, Junior, and Carlos

Carlos and I decided to get out of Palm Springs and visit Long Beach last Monday.
I know, get away from Palm Springs sounds a bit WRONG, but when you live there, you need a respite from the crazies.  
Even if just to be surrounded by some new crazies.


 I can almost smell the ocean from the window.

Craig can't play WOW without it.

 I thought my two sheds were cool, but. . .

 We had to go sooo far to get to MVP Grill.  Mmm Jean-Claude Killy. . .

 Shopping on 4th.

 My favorite roller derby centric shop, MOXI.

 Some stuff I didn't buy.

 Yess.  Yess.  No.  No.  

 The neighborhood.

 Lunch and nails.

 Guard kitty.

 Junior presents.

 more kitty.

 to Silverlake we go. . .

 X at Intelligentsia

 Clinton and Rafael's lovely home in Ventura.
 Xavier tagging us on FB.

My favorite shot of the day.

And then back to the regular crazies. . .