San Francisco Day Four - The Kids are Arriving. . .

Time for some vintage clothes shopping.  

 rave shoes

 for Craig, puff puff pass

 A quickie at Aub Zam Zam.
 More shopping and another quickie at Club Deluxe.  Dang, for such a cute place, your website sucks!  Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and Cazadores.  And the smell of really good thin crust pizza.  ya
Shoes, ascots and corduroy shirts.  Successful shopping indeed.

 Jeff arrives.

 We tried to fight our way into Suppenkuche (ya on a Friday night) without much success so we went across the street to Hayes & Kebob which was very edible. 

 It's one of those "transition clothing stores". 

 Tyler joins in. 
 Farmer's daughter, gin and egg whites (you get the idea) at Blackbird.

See you tomorrow.