San Francisco Day One

So Carlos and I have been working hard to be able to make time for a relaxing if jostled time in San Francisco. 
Those 7 am flights are pretty killer.  Although I must say it wasn't that bad, and it wasn't the Pink Express that Monday morning flights are - the gays making their mass exodus back out of the desert and back to the City.  
I was so ready to go once we got to Marke's place, but one look at Carlos told me it was nap time.  And within a moment or two I was in deep REM. 

"c'mon Carlos, let's go do something"

At noon (hey that's when I usually wake up anyway!) we were ready for  breakfast.  Squat & Gobble

A great shot by Carlos Melgoza.

And then to Walgreens for some Ace bandages and Paper Towels.  A bit outre in SF, but they're compostable so get over it.

Accidental shoe shopping yielded great gifts.

and there's something amazing about this wall.

We met Rolo at Blackbird for a couple of Cazadores on the rocks and quickly caught up on all the jaded realities that is SF living.  So jealous of his new work arrangement which allows him to work from home, as in, work from anywhere, and anywhere is where you'll find him.  Mother fucker.  
Last time we hung out with Rolo was in Connecticut for Marke and David's amazing wedding.  Destination wedding.  There was heated discussion at the "friends of M & D luncheon" about whether it could be considered a "destination wedding" because a few of the family members actually live there.  But if I'm getting on a plane and it's an amazing place that I've never been to, nor would I probably ever find opportunity or reason to show up again (except that it was a ma zing), it is a destination wedding!  And the three of us were able to recall stories of the houses on the river and the color of the leaves without someone rolling their eyes or drifting off. (like you're doing right now)

So then off to l'Ardoise for some coq au vin.  Well I didn't actually have the coq au vin, I decided on the Filet Mignon rare.  We decided No Pates, but then ordered the charcuterie plate which of course came with four different pates.  and gooseberries.

This table looks so bare compared to the resplendent sauciness of the night.
Back to the apartment for five, where we took liberties with Marke's doppelganger.

And then we went in search of pinball machines so I could kick some ass.
Hmmm, nighttime drycleaners, I feel a new project coming on.

 "Kylie's better."  "No Madonna's better. " "Don't even start with me Mister."

But there were tricksters among us and I think we each took turns winning. 
Moby Dicks

I don't know, but the Midnight Sun makes me feel like being back in the womb.
I couldn't go in.

and if you haven't been to the Castro in a while, it's now just a bunch of chicks trying to hike their skirts up higher than the next tramp.

440 which is still Daddies to me.

did you guys plan these outfits?

 Where do I begin with this one.  Why?  Why?
(and how?  it's not gonna work!)
 is this really a window display?  what are they selling?

ok, now I can see what they're selling.

Kylie, empress of trash.

and this one's for Carlos.
Good night.