San Francisco Day Two - Museum Struggles

Wednesday was our gallery day.
We met up with Johnny Ray at the SFMOMA, which turned out to be closed on Wednesdays.
Boo.  He had told me about this interesting exhibit happening at the Yerba Buena Center when he visited us in Palm Springs in April.  I told him about my ongoing project photographing my mother's house and all the difficulties that that entails and he said this guy has an exhibit where he basically brought all of the contents of his mother's house into this huge room in the gallery and displays them.
Well, YBCA is closed on Wednesdays too.  Double boo.
(but stay tuned, we go back tomorrow.  amazeballs images of the "Waste Not" exhibit and also Tobias Wong.)
This garage door made me think of Joel Meyerowitz and Maggie Barret's blog Flying The Coop.

 Thankfully SFCamerawork was open on Wednesdays, although their buzzer was broken! Ha.
We saw some great works by a number of photographers including Cynthia Greig, Sean McFarland, Michael Jang, Nigel Poor, Dan Estabrook, Mark Citret, and Tammy Rae Carland.  I also had a chance to meet Chuck the curator and he let us into the SFCamerawork library and told us that everything was available for sale.  Um, a photography library, and everything's for sale?  Heaven.  I wish I had had lunch cuz sister was famished.  Got some great books though.

 When you think you've got it bad, think of this trooper.

 Don't fuck with anyone wearing red boots.

 Or riding a llama.

 Back home and time to relax.  Time for tea.

After tea time and reading Judith Thurman's review of the Alexander McQueen exhibit in The New Yorker, we decided to go down to the Farmer's Market on Noe.  

 Mmmmm, flower salad. 

 Look Craig, gluten free.

 The cheese guy.

 The sampler lady.  She wasn't shy about it.

This dog was so adorable.  He refused to cross over this yellow line.  doggies.

 For some reason I thought of Sheila's Aunt Joanne when I saw this lovely lady.

 Such a sad sad place, brightened by this lonely plant.

 Thep Phanom for dinner.  Thaitanic tofu and duck curry.

Stay tuned. . .