San Francisco- Final Days

Our final days were great.  We had said goodbye to most of the weekenders and had a few days left to ourselves.  

 Kate's Kitchen

This is apparently part of an ongoing art piece.  Just one iteration of this object that I've seen.  I believe it used to be an ATM.  In  Hayes Valley on our way to get SHOES.  Gimme Shoes.

 Oh so clever street art.
 It was cold so we considered our options.  yes, we both thought for a second we would wear it. 
 One of the most amazingly delicate and flavorful meals of the week.  She's big on meyer lemon at Frances. 

And the next day was our last.  Time to empty the fridge of all the perishables we'd purchased during the week.  So it was Lamb Sausage with Thyme

A little red onion, red wine and a side of potatoes should do the trick.

Too many shoes to fit in the luggage, so to the UPS store!

 Return the extra pillows Tyler so graciously lent us for the week.  The stair to his cute loft.

As you can see from these images, Carlos is a very aloof traveler.  Back to Palm Springs.  It was kinda weird when our cab driver in PS said, " welcome home."  I guess he knew we lived there because we weren't wearing boat shoes and carrying a golf club bag.  Welcome home indeed.