Coachella Weekend One - Friday

So Weekend One of The Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival has come to a close.
And thank god because I need the rest.  I have two friends half my age who dropped out on the 
third day, as I'm sure quite a few non-Tupac/Dr.Dre/Snoop Dog/Calvin Harris/Rihanna fans did too.

Friday was a pretty brisk day.  Slim crowds and drizzle.  If I had to hear one more
bloke saying "this shit's nothin' compared to Glastonbury mate", I'm going to turn off my hearing aid!

at Gobi Stage 
(that's pronounced ee-em-ay, kids!)

I'm here photographing for the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and it was pretty clear that the laid back 
Editors in the very least wanted photos of GIRLS and Azelia Banks.
The crowd loved GIRLS and I was a little stumped.  But more on Azelia Banks and her
kick ass performance in my next post.
If you want to see the outtakes before the April 25, 2012 paper is out, you can check

at Outdoor Stage

The Heineken Tent was about where I started to have a good time.

DJ in the Tent

at Mojave Tent

at Gobi 

The rain continued throughout the evening so the Grips had their hands full protecting all the lights and equipment. 

This one's for Marke.

This guy was full of campy energy.  Like an overly-animated flamboyant John Cusack, he worked the stage and certainly felt comfortable in his own body. 

at Coachella Stage

The lighting for Mazzy Star was so bad I'm posting the set list from under the keyboard.  Sorry Hope Sandoval fans.

This was one of those great moments when you just know you're experiencing something special.  

at Gobi Stage

more day one to come. . .