...having a Moby moment ?

For some reason I went to a panel discussion sponsored by Palm Springs Modernism Week at the Ace Hotel with Frances Anderton and Moby.  And the reason turned out to be Frances Anderton.  She scares me a bit (which probably keeps me listening to her DnA, Design & Architecture show on KCRW.)  She gave me a headmaster glance after this first image of Moby was taken, and I quickly took my seat.  
But it turns out she is just such a lovely person.  She brings an intelligent and fun voice to Architecture.

The discussion hinged on the room offering credibility to what Anderton says is the world of architecture having a "Moby moment".

He lives in a Lautner guest house in back of a neo-Norman Castle overlooking Lake Hollywood.  
And of course there's his LA architecture blog appropriately called mobylosangelesarchitecture.com
And his father was a photographer for the New York Times, so you can see how his background might have evolved from childhood. 

But, Moby, all Williamsburg beard farmers with cameras aren't douchebags.  Just the ones that take shitty pictures.