Freeway Adjacent

Freeway Adjacent

Carlos and I were going to Long Beach, but we had an entire day before our first real obligation.  We decided to make the 2 hour trip in 24 hours.  Probably doesn't sound like too great of an idea, unless of course you're a photographer or an explorer.
We're usually in such a hurry, pointing and exclaiming oohs and ahhs, but never have made the time to stop along the way at the peculiarities that strike us.

There is this very solitary two story red house along the 10 that continually catches our eye and we swear that we will some day stop and photograph it.  You know the one, by the Arrowhead plant and the windmills in Cabazon.  It just looks so weird out there by itself.
Well we went in search of it. And it isn't quite "by itself".  There's a whole town in the area I thought was mere chaparral and brush.  

And the red house was quite boring to us once we approached it.  We didn't take a single image. 
But these are some of the others from that day.

The sign reads Cabazon Inn.  Completely abandoned.  
This is a screen grab from google maps.  With some research I discovered that it last sold May 13, 2005 for $400,000.  And it is abandoned yet again.

you are invited to su primera Gran Misa in Cabazon Elementary School.

Perhaps another new project involving these roadside crosses.  We pass places where people have died on a daily basis and rarely give any thought to it.  
Joel Sternfeld did a great book called On This Site: Landscape in Memoriam
"Joel Sternfeld seeks out similar places stained by violence and haunted by tragedy in the American landscape"  ( Review)
One section of the book revisits fields and landscapes where slaughters had taken place.  The images themselves resound with slight mystery, but the impact of the empty fields and craggy trails is more keenly understood and felt by reading the accompanying testimonials of the survivors.

We've all seen the sign from the 10, but of course it's just a big empty lot. 
It was demolished in April of this year.

Along the 10.

Hotel du glamour.

This is very good to know!

San Francisco- Final Days

Our final days were great.  We had said goodbye to most of the weekenders and had a few days left to ourselves.  

 Kate's Kitchen

This is apparently part of an ongoing art piece.  Just one iteration of this object that I've seen.  I believe it used to be an ATM.  In  Hayes Valley on our way to get SHOES.  Gimme Shoes.

 Oh so clever street art.
 It was cold so we considered our options.  yes, we both thought for a second we would wear it. 
 One of the most amazingly delicate and flavorful meals of the week.  She's big on meyer lemon at Frances. 

And the next day was our last.  Time to empty the fridge of all the perishables we'd purchased during the week.  So it was Lamb Sausage with Thyme

A little red onion, red wine and a side of potatoes should do the trick.

Too many shoes to fit in the luggage, so to the UPS store!

 Return the extra pillows Tyler so graciously lent us for the week.  The stair to his cute loft.

As you can see from these images, Carlos is a very aloof traveler.  Back to Palm Springs.  It was kinda weird when our cab driver in PS said, " welcome home."  I guess he knew we lived there because we weren't wearing boat shoes and carrying a golf club bag.  Welcome home indeed.

Bay To Breakers

After a week back to work, I'm finally getting back to these images from last weekend.  It was difficult to choose just a few, because after awhile they all start to look the same - drunk college kids partying it up fer reals yo!  gross.  But anyway, we had a good time and here is the evidence.

 this tree was giving free hugs.

Is this the cover image, or what?!

 the attack of Palm Springs.

 Such a good girlfriend.

 Find Craig in this image. .  .

posing as winners

San Francisco Day Five - Lisa Arrives

I'm not really into the whole homeless photography genre, and believe me people there is such a thing, but this guy's got it made. Relatively speaking.

 Off to get our credentials for Bay to Breakers.

 Waiting for lollygaggers.

 siblings, duh.

Cuanto Cuesta
 What's in your hand, Lisa?!

 and so it continues.

 Craig showing one of two reasons to be late - brushing your teeth, or ironing your shirt.  I didn't tell him that nobody irons in San Francisco.

 Pisco / Destino  So Good.  Lomo Saltado and Empanadas.  Pisco Punch. 

San Francisco Day Four - The Kids are Arriving. . .

Time for some vintage clothes shopping.  

 rave shoes

 for Craig, puff puff pass

 A quickie at Aub Zam Zam.
 More shopping and another quickie at Club Deluxe.  Dang, for such a cute place, your website sucks!  Fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and Cazadores.  And the smell of really good thin crust pizza.  ya
Shoes, ascots and corduroy shirts.  Successful shopping indeed.

 Jeff arrives.

 We tried to fight our way into Suppenkuche (ya on a Friday night) without much success so we went across the street to Hayes & Kebob which was very edible. 

 It's one of those "transition clothing stores". 

 Tyler joins in. 
 Farmer's daughter, gin and egg whites (you get the idea) at Blackbird.

See you tomorrow.

Song Dong and Tobias Wong.

If you're in San Francisco, don't look at this post.  Just go down to the Yerba Buena Center and experience Song Dong's exhibits for yourself.  There were a few separate works on display, but the others were much more experiential than can be displayed on a computer screen.  This is mostly "Waste Not."

And the Tobias Wong exhibit at SFMOMA was small but worth seeing.

 I know everybody takes this shot, but hey. ..

 Coke spoons.  A gold pen cap, a gold McDonalds coffee stirrer, and a gold Playboy cocktail stirrer.
oh and of course gold flake capsules so your shit will be gold too.

San Francisco Day Three - Museum Success

A great day begins with a good breakfast.  Day three we decided to head back downtown to the two galleries that were closed yesterday. The Song Dong exhibit blew my mind.  Imagine a packrat's belongings removed in their entirety from her house in China and meticulously assembled in a very large room grouped with like items.  Styrofoam pieces with other styrofoam pieces, bits of string with other bits of string, gloves with other gloves, pairs and strays alike.  Oh wait you don't have to imagine, you can see it here.
Very exciting!



We found great success with Song Dong and Tobias Wong.  Two great shows.  Plus even though I don't smoke, I got the smoking mittens!


More progress.

La Mar Peruvian food at Pier 1 1/2.

San Francisco Day Two - Museum Struggles

Wednesday was our gallery day.
We met up with Johnny Ray at the SFMOMA, which turned out to be closed on Wednesdays.
Boo.  He had told me about this interesting exhibit happening at the Yerba Buena Center when he visited us in Palm Springs in April.  I told him about my ongoing project photographing my mother's house and all the difficulties that that entails and he said this guy has an exhibit where he basically brought all of the contents of his mother's house into this huge room in the gallery and displays them.
Well, YBCA is closed on Wednesdays too.  Double boo.
(but stay tuned, we go back tomorrow.  amazeballs images of the "Waste Not" exhibit and also Tobias Wong.)
This garage door made me think of Joel Meyerowitz and Maggie Barret's blog Flying The Coop.

 Thankfully SFCamerawork was open on Wednesdays, although their buzzer was broken! Ha.
We saw some great works by a number of photographers including Cynthia Greig, Sean McFarland, Michael Jang, Nigel Poor, Dan Estabrook, Mark Citret, and Tammy Rae Carland.  I also had a chance to meet Chuck the curator and he let us into the SFCamerawork library and told us that everything was available for sale.  Um, a photography library, and everything's for sale?  Heaven.  I wish I had had lunch cuz sister was famished.  Got some great books though.

 When you think you've got it bad, think of this trooper.

 Don't fuck with anyone wearing red boots.

 Or riding a llama.

 Back home and time to relax.  Time for tea.

After tea time and reading Judith Thurman's review of the Alexander McQueen exhibit in The New Yorker, we decided to go down to the Farmer's Market on Noe.  

 Mmmmm, flower salad. 

 Look Craig, gluten free.

 The cheese guy.

 The sampler lady.  She wasn't shy about it.

This dog was so adorable.  He refused to cross over this yellow line.  doggies.

 For some reason I thought of Sheila's Aunt Joanne when I saw this lovely lady.

 Such a sad sad place, brightened by this lonely plant.

 Thep Phanom for dinner.  Thaitanic tofu and duck curry.

Stay tuned. . .

San Francisco Day One

So Carlos and I have been working hard to be able to make time for a relaxing if jostled time in San Francisco. 
Those 7 am flights are pretty killer.  Although I must say it wasn't that bad, and it wasn't the Pink Express that Monday morning flights are - the gays making their mass exodus back out of the desert and back to the City.  
I was so ready to go once we got to Marke's place, but one look at Carlos told me it was nap time.  And within a moment or two I was in deep REM. 

"c'mon Carlos, let's go do something"

At noon (hey that's when I usually wake up anyway!) we were ready for  breakfast.  Squat & Gobble

A great shot by Carlos Melgoza.

And then to Walgreens for some Ace bandages and Paper Towels.  A bit outre in SF, but they're compostable so get over it.

Accidental shoe shopping yielded great gifts.

and there's something amazing about this wall.

We met Rolo at Blackbird for a couple of Cazadores on the rocks and quickly caught up on all the jaded realities that is SF living.  So jealous of his new work arrangement which allows him to work from home, as in, work from anywhere, and anywhere is where you'll find him.  Mother fucker.  
Last time we hung out with Rolo was in Connecticut for Marke and David's amazing wedding.  Destination wedding.  There was heated discussion at the "friends of M & D luncheon" about whether it could be considered a "destination wedding" because a few of the family members actually live there.  But if I'm getting on a plane and it's an amazing place that I've never been to, nor would I probably ever find opportunity or reason to show up again (except that it was a ma zing), it is a destination wedding!  And the three of us were able to recall stories of the houses on the river and the color of the leaves without someone rolling their eyes or drifting off. (like you're doing right now)

So then off to l'Ardoise for some coq au vin.  Well I didn't actually have the coq au vin, I decided on the Filet Mignon rare.  We decided No Pates, but then ordered the charcuterie plate which of course came with four different pates.  and gooseberries.

This table looks so bare compared to the resplendent sauciness of the night.
Back to the apartment for five, where we took liberties with Marke's doppelganger.

And then we went in search of pinball machines so I could kick some ass.
Hmmm, nighttime drycleaners, I feel a new project coming on.

 "Kylie's better."  "No Madonna's better. " "Don't even start with me Mister."

But there were tricksters among us and I think we each took turns winning. 
Moby Dicks

I don't know, but the Midnight Sun makes me feel like being back in the womb.
I couldn't go in.

and if you haven't been to the Castro in a while, it's now just a bunch of chicks trying to hike their skirts up higher than the next tramp.

440 which is still Daddies to me.

did you guys plan these outfits?

 Where do I begin with this one.  Why?  Why?
(and how?  it's not gonna work!)
 is this really a window display?  what are they selling?

ok, now I can see what they're selling.

Kylie, empress of trash.

and this one's for Carlos.
Good night.

Easter Friday and Easter Monday

So my stint with "giving up" mayonnaise came to a tasty end on Sunday with a glorious Easter Whopper.  Thanks to El Mirasol and Shanghai Reds for both observing that, hey, Easter is a national holiday.  Closed. 

Friday was nice, as an old friend, whom I haven't seen since 1992 drove into Palm Springs on her way from Detroit, to LA.  She's still fabulous and we had a lovely time chatting.

She's a great actress who found it was time to get back to where the real action is - LA.
(Especially since the new Republican Governor of Michigan took away much of the incentive for remaking Detroit as a Movie Making Mecca.  Ohh well.  Another missed opportunity.  Insert the phrase "fiscal responsibility" and all those other buzz words which supposedly garner votes, but don't get the horribly repressed state of Michigan EATING again.)

Click here to check out Mare's site. 

So back to Easter,
And coloring eggs.

 That one's going to be good.

And breakfast on Saturday was nice too.

 The kids.

Some time in the LBC with Craig and Xavier, Junior, and Carlos

Carlos and I decided to get out of Palm Springs and visit Long Beach last Monday.
I know, get away from Palm Springs sounds a bit WRONG, but when you live there, you need a respite from the crazies.  
Even if just to be surrounded by some new crazies.


 I can almost smell the ocean from the window.

Craig can't play WOW without it.

 I thought my two sheds were cool, but. . .

 We had to go sooo far to get to MVP Grill.  Mmm Jean-Claude Killy. . .

 Shopping on 4th.

 My favorite roller derby centric shop, MOXI.

 Some stuff I didn't buy.

 Yess.  Yess.  No.  No.  

 The neighborhood.

 Lunch and nails.

 Guard kitty.

 Junior presents.

 more kitty.

 to Silverlake we go. . .

 X at Intelligentsia

 Clinton and Rafael's lovely home in Ventura.
 Xavier tagging us on FB.

My favorite shot of the day.

And then back to the regular crazies. . .

Gratuitous Calves and Asses at the BNP

Well, for those who know me, you know this isn't normally my thing.  Ahem.  But, so many of you have asked to see a bevy of crotch shots, I thought it would be nice to post a few here.  Now that Johnny Ray is nearing the end of his poignant insights into the BNP Paribas Open, I thought I would post the less, well, less artistic shots from my time there and perhaps a few of my impressions.
Please also read his astute reviews of a fantastic week of tennis along with my more formal shots from the week at the following SF Bay Guardian links.

Umbrella weather: A glimpse of the future during the BNP Paribas Open

The net: Young victory and top-ranked tennis musings at the BNP Paribas Open

Looky-loos and show ponies: A day in the life at the BNP Paribas Open

Tennis' top three switch positions, A Final Look at the BNP Paribas Open

 Greg, this one's for you.

So I had a fantastic time with my old friend Johnny Ray, who is a huuuuge tennis fan and filled me in on all the who's its and what's its in the tennis world.  Yet another subculture that I had no idea about.  If I knew which names to drop I would, but I basically would see big calves walking toward me and nudge Johnny "who's that?!"  

We both couldn't figure out that Pau Gosol was sitting at the table next to us eating with a bunch of hottie chicks, until I saw it on the local news later that night. 

And for those of you looking forward to some Roger Federer images, sorry, I just couldn't bring myself to post any.  All his images were like glowing sparkling gems, his crisp white shorts glistening against his bulging quadraceps, but his face ruins it for me.

 oh my
 put your shirt back on, you're ruining it for me.
 guess who

 hey girl hey

 After awhile I gave up on the "get that thong out of your ass" images, you do anything enough, it gets boring.

 I've got a shoe thing people, get over it.


 he looked at me, he looked at me

 bad image of a quirky little french guy

 For the twink chasers

 and another.


 Double whoa

there was one German fan for this guy.

 Beanpole for Johnny.

 I wanted to get this Snooky serving Ferrer right before me, but he had just lost his match and I figured he would probably get pissed. 

 At least she knows it.

 Not sure what's going on in his pants.  Well, I know he keeps balls in his pockets, but it's fun to imagine.

A trio of meats.

I had hoped that the BNP would fulfill my idea of Tennis as a glamorous sport with a bunch of rich Rancho Mirage residents in their Hamptons best, but it turned out to be a lot of this.

Which is great too.