At 17, I began studying Architecture at The University of Detroit.  I moved from my suburban family home in Michigan to a large apartment building in downtown Detroit.  There were huge picture windows overlooking the city and it's great empty Art Deco masterpieces.  

But I was more interested in the couple that had moved into their Buick.  They were living in the lot across the street with their two children.  And there was the mysterious woman that lived across the hall.  She would come and go at strange hours, and once returned home from a long absence with a grocery cart full of glamorous evening gowns.  I only ever saw her through the peephole of my front door.

This voyeurism has led me to photography.

I have studied under Graciela Iturbide, Joel Meyerowitz and Todd Hido.

I received my BFA from the Academy of Art University, 

And thanks mostly to Dario Argento and Edward Hopper, my work constitutes an emotional trip through a world filled with anxiety, fear, desire and anticipation.


I am a Palm Springs/Los Angeles based photographer shooting Architecture, People, Portraits, Events and Urban Landscapes. 


My current and former contracts, commissions and clients include Kaiser Permanente, Anthropologie, Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, Inside Tennis Magazine, Airbnb, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Toucans Tiki Lounge and Angel View Outreach.